Sex Crimes Defense That Preserves Rights And Reputations

Whether the alleged offense is hands-on sexual assault or sexual harassment in the workplace, a sex crime is the kind of blemish that not only exposes the suspect as a lawbreaker — it reveals him or her to be a terrible person who steals the dignity of others.

Are your personal and professional reputations hanging on the verdict in a criminal trial? Are you a college student whose record and academic standing are at risk in court? Are you prepared for the possibility of being marked with lifetime registration as a sex offender?

These are life-changing consequences — and incentive to reach out to the most experienced, proven-effective, battle-tested criminal defense lawyers you can find in the region.

We want to be those client-focused attorneys for you. We are Gyllenborg & Brown, P.A.

Our respected law firm's resources, responsiveness and reputation lend credibility to your case before judge and jury when you are charged with:

  • Rape, statutory rape and date rape
  • Criminal sexual assault
  • Prostitution
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Child molestation
  • Child pornography possession and distribution

You should know that a guilty verdict in a state sex crimes case increases your chances of surrendering rights that many of us take for granted: the right to own a firearm, to vote, to maintain access to children after a divorce, and negative impact on immigration status. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to do everything you can to avoid this sad conclusion — including selection of the right criminal defense legal team for you. You can have confidence in the benefits of our lawyers' combined 40-plus years of trial experience.

When Your Rights And Reputation Are At Stake In Court, Our Trial Attorneys Can Help

Contact us from wherever you are in Olathe, Johnson County or Southeast Kansas, so we can discuss your serious legal issues. Just call 913-732-4782 or stay at our website to send an email message. Most importantly, do not speak to law enforcement about your charges until you have talked to us first.

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