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Powerfully Protecting Your Rights In Kansas Courts

The lawyers of Gyllenborg & Brown, P.A. possess more than 45 years of combined experience in Kansas criminal law and an outstanding reputation for results.

The secrets to our success aren’t really secrets. Our proven talents for in-depth investigation of charges, effective negotiations with government attorneys, and tenacity at trial are recognized throughout Johnson County and the surrounding state and federal jurisdictions.

Contact our law offices immediately if you are being investigated or charged with any criminal offenses, including:

  • Federal offenses including conspiracy, embezzlement, money laundering, mail fraud, drug trafficking, child pornography, bank robbery, social security fraud, and white-collar crimes
  • Sex offenses including rape, sexual assault/battery, prostitution, indecent exposure, internet solicitation of minors, possession/distribution of child pornography, aggravated indecent liberties, sexual exploitation of a child, and unlawful sexual relations
  • Drug offenses including possession/distribution, trafficking, cultivation, importation, manufacturing, smuggling, drug paraphernalia, and illegally-obtained prescription drugs

Other matters that receive our full attention include DUI defense, identity theft, crimes committed on college campuses, shoplifting, burglary and felony theft, and expungements.

Our vigorous representation of a client includes:

  • Determining whether proper police procedures were followed, whether warrantless searches were justified, whether evidence was illegally obtained, and whether any statement of the defendant was coerced
  • Negotiating a reduction of charges and plea-bargaining to reduce sentences, when appropriate
  • Negotiating when appropriate a reduction of charges and plea-bargaining to reduce sentences
  • Presenting to a judge or jury at trial a passionate and effective defense.

Contact Us For Respectful, Responsive Representation In Kansas Courtrooms

We pride ourselves on availability to any sudden concern, beginning with your initial consultation. To arrange a thorough discussion of your legal issues with a skilled criminal defense lawyer, call us today at 913-732-4782 or reach us by email message from this website.

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